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2004 World Technology Awards Winners & Finalists

Waipuna Systems Limited

Please describe the work that you are doing that you consider to be the most innovative and of the greatest likely long-term significance.

Waipuna is a unique company that has as its main objective to provide viable technologies to eliminate the need to use toxic pesticides. The name Waipuna was chosen from the Polynesian language meaning Wai-water and puna -pure.

The founder of the company is Mr Dennis Tindall a pesticide industry veteran who decided it was no longer acceptable for the environment and living organisms to be put at risk from non sustainable processes. Waipuna has progressed through all the classical stages of a new start up technology business trying to find investors who believed while involved in R&D and commercial activity. From the first day Waipuna adopted a policy of sharing and every team member of Waipuna is a shareholder in the company. To date out of a team of 20 personnel only one was headhunted, all the others approached Waipuna for a job. After 10 years of development Waipuna has successfully launched a system of Organic Hot Foam to kill weeds and insects in Municipal and Agricultural sectors. A new Home Gardener model has been developed and will be released in 2005.

To date we at Waipuna are operating in 12 countries from Australia, New Zealand, USA and Europe.

Each Waipuna machine put into service eliminates the use of approximately 3000 liters of pesticides. Waipuna estimates that more than 2 million liters of pesticide use has been replaced with the use of the Waipuna method.

Waipuna is working with Universities and Agriculture departments of many Governments to further the development of new technology. Currently the company has a strong pipeline of new technologies that all will contibute on a global scale to improving water quality by reducing and in some cases eliminating the need to use pesticides. These technologies include,Hot Foam Weed Control, Desalination of land by establishment of a drought resistant pasture species and bioremediation by microbiological control.

I believe Waipuna has been nominated for this award because despite many difficult years trying to operate on almost zero resources the whole team has steadfastly stayed together to ensure these much needed solutions become commercial realities. Not once during this time of pain did the company, its directors and team waver from the ideals first set out in its charter of 1993.


This culture is also spread throughout Waipuna's network of licensees and everyone of us are very proud of our achievements because we are making a difference.