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2004 World Technology Awards Winners & Finalists

Waste & Environmental Technologies Ltd

Please describe the work that you are doing that you consider to be the most innovative and of the greatest likely long-term significance.

The goal of the company is relevant to our name, Waste & Environmental Technologies, to develop and acquire the latest technologies for a sustainable and better living ~

Simple to apply Not capital intensive Not energy intensive (requiring little non-renewable energy to do, build, or maintain) Use local resources and labor, and Nurture the environment and human health Appropriate Technologies (NCAT)

We have developed water & wastewater treatment in using various technologies. Those are:

Impinging Stream Reaction Chemically Enhanced Precipitation Treatment Advanced Oxidation Process Absorption Renewable Energy

These technologies have been a stand-alone item for various industries for processing. It can be found at Petrol Chemical Plant, Mine Washing Process, and Large Treatment Works in Urban Areas or any Large Scale Factories. The application often consists of series of pumps and mixers, sophisticated control panels and required monitoring by experienced engineer and chemist. In merging these technologies, we discovered the critical path. A simplified process but covered all.

The stand-alone WetSep system can be operated in most remote or urban areas. The feasibilities subject to the one pass flow path, no transfer pumps or mixing motors are required. One-piece design can be shipped by light trucks. It can be driven by the solar panel installed on top of the system because it only required small amount of power for the dosing pumps.

The sales record and case history proved the success of the system. It has been installed for the 4th longest car tunnel of the World in Taipei 250M deep underground for treating 350cuM/hour construction wastewater before it ran into the reservoir of Taipei. A laundry inside a Woman Prison in Hong Kong is using the system by the prisoner. The WetSep also applied to a contaminated site foundation project to treat the Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon down to 25ppb.

After 5 years of successful case studies, we believe it can be beneficial to the rest of the world no matter a construction run off at Long Island, New York or the drinking water supplies for the Bangladesh to treat the naturally-occurring arsenic. This is threatening the health of as many as 70 million people.

We have patented the technologies in most developed countries and leaving the back door open for the third world. The company had been invited to look at the water pollutions at Mexico City by their State Governor. We also represent Hong Kong for the APEC SME forum to share our experience.

The eyes of the company is not only looking at the solution but also the education for the communities, especially the children of our own. Waste & Environmental Technologies Limited often responds to the communities with their knowledge in green concepts. The company had been appointed to organize large-scale green fair for the citizens in Hong Kong like Eco Gallery at the Hong Kong Product Expo. During the 25 days trade fair, we trained the unemployed to collect the recyclables and process in-situ. Turning pollutants into product & profit was the theme of the project. The visitors were counted in 2001 & 2002 for 1.1 and 1.2 million respectively.

Our young engineers from the universities enjoy working with the elderly as well as teaching the students. The projects covered Environmental Educational CD production for the Airport Authorized of Hong Kong and the Green Child program sponsored by the Hong Kong Jockey Club for 50,000 primary students.

We feel grateful to be nominated for the World Technologies Award after the success in 2003 Asian Innovation Award. The knowledge and know-how can be spread over again by International Media.