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2004 World Technology Awards Winners & Finalists


Please describe the work that you are doing that you consider to be the most innovative and of the greatest likely long-term significance.

Cloudmark™ Inc., the company that stops spam before it costs companies and individuals money, has been nominated for this award because the company continually demonstrates innovation and long-term significance in the development and production of its line of groundbreaking anti-spam products based on its compelling proprietary technologies. Cloudmark has products specific to the consumer, small to medium-sized business (SMBs), and enterprise markets. Cloudmark's groundbreaking, peer-to-peer (P2P) consumer solution (initially Vipul's Razor) has proven effective at fighting spam since 1998. Now called Cloudmark SpamNet™, the product is the first and largest SpamFighting community in the world with nearly one million users. This easy-to-use email add-in is extremely effective in protecting users from spam. SpamNet was awarded PC World’s 2004 World Class Award for Best Spam Filter. SpamNet recently demonstrated the best performance in PC World's June 2004 'anti-spam filters' roundup. SpamNet was rated as the magazine's "Best Buy," including the lowest false positive rate that is an unprecedented 50 percent better than the second place vendor. In addition, SpamNet blocked almost 100% of the testers' junk mail to out perform all of the nine products tested. Cloudmark has also introduced Cloudmark Exchange Edition™, a server-side anti-spam solution that takes advantage of real-time automatic updates from the SpamNet community to deliver maintenance-free, instant spam protection to SMBs. Cloudmark's newly-announced premier product for the enterprise, Cloudmark Immunity, is the immune system for email, providing a complete infrastructure to protect the heart of the enterprise through innovative Email Genetic Mapping(tm) (EGM), nD Visualizer(tm) technology and adaptive learning that ensures the unique preferences of each employee within the organization are met. With Cloudmark Immunity, companies will finally be able to stay ahead of an explosive problem through the protection of a customized anti-spam system that has the ability to achieve 100 percent accuracy and zero false positives. While many enterprises have deployed generic spam protection that requires additional hardware and frequent "rules" maintenance, they fail to completely eliminate spam as a threat to their organization, employees, customers and partners. Generic solutions will always fail to completely eliminate spam in the enterprise because no two enterprises are exactly alike. A solution is needed that addresses both corporate and individual user customization capabilities. Immunity brings the power of the classifier in-house to customize and learn internal preferences that cannot be captured outside an organization. Cloudmark Immunity, the first and only anti-spam solution to combine groundbreaking Email Genetic Mapping (EGM) with nD Visualizer technology, automatically learns the preferences of the enterprise and its employees to provide a superior defense against spam, while still allowing desired email to be delivered. Unlike rules-based or Bayesian classifiers, Immunity creates the infrastructure to store and retrieve information - through a one-click user feedback loop - with perfect precision, eliminating the barriers that previously kept anti-spam products from achieving 100 percent accuracy and zero false positives. Immunity's nD Visualizer technology clusters email messages by genetic similarity in a graphical interface, allowing IT administrators to see how Immunity's spam protection adapts and improves over time, enabling them to easily diagnose and optimize email infrastructure. Immunity has received positive reviews from analysts like Richi Jennings of Ferris Research, Brian Burke of IDC, and Chris Shipley, executive producer of the DEMO Conferences and renowned technology analyst. The net result of Cloudmark Immunity is low total cost of ownership and demonstrable return on investment. The solution requires no dedicated server, no modification to existing infrastructure, and no reconfiguration of firewalls or workstations and does not require constant updates. Immunity's user-defined reports quantify recovered productivity and reduced network traffic. Through SpamNet, Exchange Edition, and Immunity, Cloudmark offers the most advanced and innovative methods for countering the accelerating spam problem from the end-user to the enterprise. The company is leapfrogging traditional anti-spam companies and their obsolete techniques by fighting a distributed problem with a distributed solution and adding predictive technologies to crack the genetic code of spam. Cloudmark's CEO is Karl Jacob. The company was founded by CTO Jordan Ritter, who also co-founded Napster, and Vipul Ved Prakash, chief scientist and author of Vipul's Razor.