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2004 World Technology Awards Winners & Finalists

SolarFrost Research OEG

Please describe the work that you are doing that you consider to be the most innovative and of the greatest likely long-term significance.



1.1. One Sustainable Technology for all cooling applications: SolarFrost cooling machines are fuelled with warm or hot water (60-80C), i.e. "waste energy" from engines, industrial processes, or from solar thermal collectors. They have a high efficiency (COP=70% - 300%, depending on temperatures), work with any type of cooling application, from Air-conditioning to real freezing, can be built to any size, have a long life expectancy and don't produce ecologically hazardous waste. On the long run SolarFrost technology could substitute all present day cooling systems.

1.2. Economic Competitivity at Actual Energy Prices: When substituting an electric cooling system with a SolarFrost`s, payback times are 2-5 years depending on the specific application.

1.3. Simple Technology, to be Built Anywhere in the World: SolarFrost machines can be built in any small workshop. It is basically cutting, bending and welding steel pipes, NOT just assembling complicated parts purchased from overseas.

1.4. Partnerships with SME: SolarFrost does not produce machines for sale. SolarFrost`s policy is to seek partnerships with small and medium enterprises in all parts of the world and helps them to develop specific cooling solutions for the needs of the local market. SolarFrost charges a modest patent license as a fee for its services. Consequently SolarFrost does not grant far reaching exclusive patent rights to anybody.


2.1. Reduction of Electricity Consumption: SolarFrost can use cheap waste heat from power plants or other engines, contrary to conventional cooling, which is a main consumer of electricity. Thus SolarFrost can help to avoid blackouts and will reduce fossil energy consumption.

2.2. Reduction of CO2 Emissions Reducing fossil energy consumption means less greenhouse effective emissions and less climatic change.

2.3. No Risk for the Ozone Layer SolarFrost machines do not use refrigerants which are a hazard to the ozone layer.


3.1. Breakthrough for Photovoltaic (PV) Electricity: PV is nice - but still expensive because of its low efficiency. Output of Photovoltaic panels can be enhanced considerably when cooled with a SolarFrost system (connected to a thermal solar collector). At the same time the SolarFrost system can use the extra heat obtained from the PV panel for an extremely efficient air conditioning. Both systems complement and increase mutually each others efficiency, allowing affordable stand alone energy systems for homesteads.

3.2. Recycling of Industrial Waste Heat: Many European municipalities collect industrial waste heat, pass it into a grid of water pipes and sell it for space heating in winter. Such district heating systems would be a worldwide success, if there existed more applications for heat in summer. In combination with Air-conditioning SolarFrost Technology will help selling district heat in the hot season, thus allowing the recycling of industrial waste heat on a much larger scale.

3.3. Cooling in Remote Regions: SolarFrost technology will allow cooling of agricultural products, food, medicines and vaccines in regions where electric infrastructure is unreliable. SolarFrost technology will improve significantly nutrition, health and economy there.

3.4. Emancipation of Emerging Countries SolarFrost machines can be built by small and medium enterprises everywhere, using local craftsmanship, local resources and local tools, thus supporting self reliance and self esteem.