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2004 World Technology Awards Winners & Finalists

Lodox Systems (Pty) Ltd / Lodox NA, LLC

Please describe the work that you are doing that you consider to be the most innovative and of the greatest likely long-term significance.

Lodox Systems has developed a unique approach to full-body DR (Digital Radiography) scanning and has demonstrated the ability to advance this new technology while developing with more innovative capabilities than competing products. Experts agree that there is no other system in the medical imaging market at present that is capable of delivering full-body digital radiographs such as has been done by Lodox.

The product, the Statscan™ Critical Imaging System is a multi-award winning digital radiography system that is gaining rapid acceptance in emergency rooms and trauma centers around the world. The key to its success is its unique ability to deliver a full body digital x-ray in less than 13 seconds. Now emergency room physicians are able to diagnose patients in less than half the time of conventional or flat panel DR - or CR (Computed Radiography) - based x-ray products while emitting 75% less radiation.

Simply stated, Statscan saves lives during the critical "Golden Hour."

Facts on Statscan:

• Uniquely suited for trauma victims and other patients with limited mobility. Statscan allows rapid identification and diagnosis of a wide range of injuries on even unconscious patients. Radiologists, trauma physicians, and other medical personnel can use the system to rapidly identify and diagnose a wide range of injuries, even on unconscious and otherwise immobile patients. • A completely flexible digital imaging system that can produce images of small and large body areas, at full-fidelity image resolution allowing it to be easily used for both conventional as well as full-body radiography making it one of the most versatile DR systems on the market today. • Enhanced linear slot-scanning technology utilizes solid state x-ray detector technology similar to the types used on spiral CT scanners to obtain high-quality 2D radiographic images of any size in seconds. • It also has high patient throughput, offering full-body scanning times comparable to the time it takes a traditional X-ray system to produce one extremity image – and it does so at very low radiation exposure rates. • The digital radiograph is acquired from a C-arm that moves over and around the patient enabling capture of frontal, oblique angle, lateral or horizontal projections without moving the patient. • Diagnostic procedures can be completed in 4-5 minutes and at a greatly reduced overall radiation dose to the medical staff and patient, making it extremely beneficial for use on both pediatric and pregnant patients. • Once an image is acquired, it is immediately available for viewing on the diagnostic viewing station. Selections of previously recorded radiographs can be randomly accessed from an image database, and any radiograph can be transmitted over a data network using industry standard protocols. • Perfect for the near real-time bone fracture reduction requirements of orthopedic radiography and the large field of view radiography needs of bariatric patients. • Statscan can also be applied to high throughput x-ray procedures of all types, screening for specific types of bone cancers and even forensic pathology applications to help medical examiners determine cause of death. • Statscan's high throughput patient triage capabilities make it an exceptional tool for disaster and military-related patient injury management.

Lodox Systems, North America, LLC has administrative offices located in South Lyon, MI, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lodox Systems (Pty), Ltd., Benmore, South Africa. Lodox Systems, NA, is responsible for worldwide sales, distribution, customer service support, and business administration of Statscan while Lodox Systems (Pty), Ltd is responsible for the R&D and manufacturing. Lodox is a venture capital backed Private Corporation whose present principle equity partners are: the Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa (IDC) and Network Healthcare Holdings Ltd. (NetCare).