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2004 World Technology Awards Winners & Finalists

David McKenzie

Please describe the work that you are doing that you consider to be the most innovative and of the greatest likely long-term significance.


Over many years I looked at new aspects of science, regarding food production in arid areas producing a continous food chain, eliminating the problems of starvation and giving others this applied science to enable them to feed themselves. My unique technology would allow many countries to produce food in twenty-one day cycles. Most of my products have patents covering all applications. I have attempted to simulate nature in reverse and accelerate processes by the use of knowledge and science.

The difficulty faced is disbelief from all nations, many hours and money has been wasted on trials (re inventing the wheel) along with political stoppage,laced with greed, I have struggled to achieve this life's work.

DESERT DUST Long term sustainability and values that many Governments could avail themselves to regarding deserts and arid areas providing agriculture, so long as fresh water, having a measurable conductivity of less than 3,000 p.p.m, is available - creating vast areas of grazing grounds growing a barley/grass mixture, which can be grazed by sheep, normally taking around 17 days to establish from product and seed application, which by reason of the products interelated reactions and root structure produced, allows rotational grazing by animals, providing large population with food from harsh growing conditions in a short space of time.

The sand becomes increasingly fertile and takes on an aromatic effect like newly cut hay when dug in block format, crop rotation can follow for vegetables and other cash crops, giving a second rotation food line, creating more humus build up and almost perfect growing conditions - providing fresh water available. It takes between 400/500 million years to convert sand back into soil but this can be achieved within 18 months following this system. GrowTechnologies, to whom, I am a Consultant, contains like minded people, wishing to produce sustainable agriculture, allowing other nations the opportunity to become self sufficient.

GROWBOX AND FRESH WATER Produce tomatoes, melons, beans, marrows. Growbox works by capillary reaction and globulation, but requires a temperature fluctuation of at least 20 degrees F. A self watering system, saline water can be used without adverse effect, the cost of producing the box is nominal, world charities now being approached. With little modification the Growbox converts to produce a source of fresh drinking water of 3 - 4 pints per hour - from saline water.

ACID RAIN NEUTRALISER Gradually corrects the pH of acidic soil and fallout from Acid Rain without the distruction to the colloidal complex and bacterial activity of the soil. Requires monitoring every six months for pH correction.

ENCAPSULATED WILD FLOWER AND KITCHEN HERB SEEDS Patented system of encapsulating miniscual seeds, with a built in time lapse, mimicking nature, high nutrient levels containing pH modifers, encapsulated pellets can be sown directly onto freshly dug, weed free soil. Saving time and labour against conventional applications.

Re-establish wild flowers into our hedgerows, meadows, embankments and woodland areas enhancing the habitat for birds, bees, insects, butterflies, 100% wild flowers - no grasses. Create pure wild flower turf for transplanting into shaded woodland areas.

RIZA TM Eliminate the use of topsoil, cutting costs of grass turf by 50% on known conventional methods using RIZA and grass seed. Reducing transportation costs and pollution, helping the environment. Worldwide application for compacted soil, levelled ready for seeding, not applicable to deserts or sandy applications. Root accelerator drives the root into areas of compaction vertically without using topsoil. Producing a lawn takes twenty one days from seeding to cutting when warmth (70 degrees F) available.

There are many products appertaining to the environment including breaking down of clay and botanically perfect growing medium which eliminates root shock, having balanced conductivity, avoiding root shock when transplanting.

Brief Biography


As a child my ambition was to become an explorer, fascination of the unknown, the wilder the place the more exhilarating, this was my driving force to overcome the impossible, which in fact was good grounding for what life was about to throw at me!

On my travels I was appalled at how the "other half" lived and considered this a travesty of justice. I remembered looking at land having crustation, what I consider the icing sugar effect, crustation was normally around a sixteenth of an inch thick, which had cracked similar to crazy paving. Crustation effect developed my first understanding of science, and how to erradicate this problem, if one could breakdown this effect this would allow plants to break through and photosynthesize. I worked on achieving the cornflake effect using the Electron Microscope. This was brought about by particle size and data, make-up of soil has levels of finely ground clay, when rain occurred this created pasted clay over the land itself, inhibiting plant establishment and food production.

I looked at sand - what is sand - ground silicate rock. This led me to funnel test theories by using coloured chalk, discovering how rapidily the chalk dispersed at the bottom of the funnel when water was applied, my thoughts being this is why there is so much desert. I considered - what is soil? - soil being a particle of sand forming the nucleus surrounded by humus, along with microbial and bacterial activity. This initial development led me to formulate many products regarding desertfication and restoration of good soil.

Patents, in my opinion are a receipe for disaster and in my case have led to untold problems. I have found out to my own detriment the Ali Baba's that roam our world are numerous to say the least! If I had to advocate one thing of significance I would make it a criminal offence worldwide for anyone to steal patented technology, copyright of music and software or any intellectual property, with purpose or intent, this would create rapid advancement in the world itself.

Take Einstein, who was a patent clerk, myself having studied for thousands of hours allowed me to ask "Why" and give lateral thought in development and establishment of new innovations by experiment and trial errors, difficult to say the least.

I have in the past been offered sums of money to part with my Patents and Technology and I could have retired in luxury. I chose the hard path! I was informed I could not get a Patent on a fertiliser/mixture but because of a series of inter-related reactions, microbial, bacterial, exorthermic, this was possible. I used to throw the applications against the wall in frustration, the development and patent application costs were great, sadly money was in short supply. Like a musician, who plays by ear,they know instantly if they hit a wrong note, the same applies to my science and development. When I conducted the grassing for the Navajo Nations I made a promise to return, it took twelve years to fulfil, thanks to the Directors of GrowTechnologies. I stated to all on placement of the product and completion that if it rains I would remain. I am happy to announce it rained to the astonishment of all who witnessed this phenomenon.

Perhaps this explains my reasons and why the products have to be used with wisdom and understanding both commercially and for the Third World projects. Live one day as a tiger than a thousand days as a sheep, for science is the future for all, if grasped and commitment given.