2005 Summit & Awards


Sponsors / Partners

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The 2005 World Technology Summit & Awards

Summit Speakers / Co-Chairs

Adam Lashinsky
Senior Writer, FORTUNE magazine

Daniel Sieberg
Technology Correspondent, CNN; Host, Next@CNN (one-hour weekly television magazine on science, technology, space, aviation and environmental current events)

Bob Suh
Chief Technology Strategist & Global Managing Partner for Growth and Strategy, Accenture; One of the Top 25 Consultants of 2005 (Consulting magazine)

David Haussler
Director, UCSC Center for Biomolecular Science & Engineering; Scientific Co-Director, California Institute for Quantitative Biomedical Research; Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute; Scientist of the Year (2001, R & D magazine)

Hans Monderman
Project Manager (spatial, landscape, traffic planning), Stichting Voorwerk (Drenthe, Groningen en Fryslân, Netherlands); nominee, 2005 World Technology Award for the Environment

Mark Heesen
President, National Venture Capital Association (NVCA); Manager, American Entrepreneurs for Economic Growth (AEEG); Nominee, 2005 World Technology Award for Policy

Jason McCabe Calacanis
Chairman & Co-Founder, Weblogs, Inc. Network; former founder/editor "Silicon Alley Reporter/VentureReporter.net (sold to Dow Jones).

Steve Jurvetson
Managing Director, Draper Fisher Jurvetson; Co-Chair, NanoBusiness Alliance; Number 7 of the "40 Under 40" Most Influentials (Fortune magazine)

Chris Taylor
Futures Editor, BUSINESS 2.0 magazine; Former Technology Editor, TIME magazine; Winner, 2004 PRSA award for excellence in technology journalism; twice named top ten most influential technology journalist in America by Adweek

Robert Zubrin
Founder, Mars Society (nominee for 2005 World Technology Award for Space (corporate category, and nomineee, individually, for World Technology Award for Space, individual category); Driving force behind "Mars Direct", a version of which was subsequently adopted by NASA as their "design reference mission"; Founder, Pioneer Astronautics; Chairman, Executive Committee, National Space Society.

Robin L. Weiss
Vice President, Investment Banking Service, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), managing IPOs and structured products. Former corporate finance career at J.P. Morgan & Co.; former financial analyst, Shearson Lehman Brothers, Inc.

Dr. Geordie Rose
President/CEO, D-Wave "quantum computing systems" company; co-inventor 25 filed patents in superconducting electronics; 2001 Business in Vancouver 40 Under 40 awards; 2002 BCTIA Award for Most Promising Start-Up; Nominee, 2005 World Technology Award for IT-Hardware.

Hartmut Esslinger
Co-CEO, frog design; former designer, SONY, including mold-breaking black-box SONY Trinitron TV in the 1970s; Established Esslinger Design (later renamed to frog) and was hired by Steve Jobs to design Apple IIC voted Design of the Year (TIME magazine, 1984). Other designs include the surface of SAP software, Acer computer, AT&T's answering machines, the Consors market world, Dual's hi-fi systems, Hansgrohe's shower heads and the look of Lufthansa. Described in Business Week cover story (1990) as "the most influential industrial designer on the American scene since the 1930s"; Nominee, 2005 World Technology Award for Design.

Robert Levin
Founder and CEO, Transclick; Former Trader/Senior Analyst, Chilewich Corporation; Macro-strategist for Paul Tudor Jones and for Louis Moore Bacon; Former consultant, ViaTel; Transclick, Winner (wireless categogy), Consumer Electronics Association Innovation 2003 Awards; Best Messaging Technology (Global Wireless Summit, 2003).

David Chao
Co-Founder, Doll Capital Management (DCM); former co-founder/board member JCI, Japan's largest MVNO; former McKinsey & Company management consultant; former marketing/product management roles at Apple Computer; co-author and successful implementer of Apple Japan's One Billion Dollar Revenue Plan; Top 100 venture capitalists (Forbes), where mentioned as third most active in China in 2004; Management Board Member, Stanford Graduate School of Business; Nominee, 2005 World Technology Award for Finance.

R. Brough Turner
Co-Founder, Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, NMS Communications; Former engineering and engineering management roles at Digilab, In., and at Block Engineering Inc., both subsidiaries of Bio-Rad Laboratories; Widely cited commentator on technology, economic and social issues of communications at the intersection of telecom, mobility and the Internet.

George Anders
National Correspondent, The Wall Street Journal; Former Senior Editor, Fast Company magazine; Part of seven-person Pulitzer Prize winning team for national reporting in 1997; Author, Merchants of Debt.

Ziv Navoth
Founder, Verve!; Former Managing Director, Startup Station plc; Co-founder, Tagma logistics consultancy; Co-founder, Automatic for the People CD-vending business; Former Executive Director, Institute for Technology and Enterprise (NY).

Bob Mitchell
Cassini Program Manager, Cassini-Huygens mission (NASA, ESA, ASI); former Galileo mission design manager; former NASA-honored team leader, Venus-Earth-Earth Gravity Assist trajectory; Recipient NASA Exceptional Achievement Awards for Viking mission navigation and Galileo mission design, among numerous other awards.

Amanda Bower
San Francisco-based columnist, TIME magazine

Kamran Elahian
Chairman, Global Catalyst Partners; Chairman of ten other companies he co-founded - CAE Systems, Cirrus Logic, Momenta, NeoMagic, PlanetWeb, Centillium Communications, Actelis Networks, Informative, Entopia, and Greenfield Networks; Founder, non-profit organization, Schools Online.

John R. McGrath
Senior Director, Fast Search & Transfer, Inc; Former high-level experience with Motorola, United Technologies, Excalibur (Convera), Cognos Software, and Hoovers, Inc.

Maria C. Thomas
Vice President and General Manager, National Public Radio/NPR Online; Former launch/operations manager Amazon.com camera/photo store; Former investment officer, World Bank's International Finance Corporation (IFC); Former corporate/project finance, Kidder, Peabody & Company.

Helen Whelan
CEO and Founder of Success Television, an interactive television network on Comcast VOD (video on demand) and on the Internet. Former President/Co-Founder, MyPrimeTime; Former VP of Business Development, CNN Financial News; former Washington, DC bureau chief, Nightly Business Report on PBS.

James Erickson
Project Manager, Mars Exploration Rover (MER) mission, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), NASA; former Mission Manager, MER; former Project Manager, Galileo Project to study Jupiter; senior level experience on Viking Mission to Mars, Voyager mission to outer planets, and Mars Observer mission.

Tien Tzuo
SVP of Marketing and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Salesforce.com; Finalist, 2004 CMO Council/BusinessWeek CMO of the Year

Peter J. Denning
Chairman, Computer Science Department, US Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey; former President, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

Martin J. Fisher
Co-Founder & Executive Director, KickStart International (formerly ApproTEC); Winner "Social Entrepreneur of the Year" Award (Schwab Foundation, 2003); "European Hero" Award winner (TIME magazine, 2003); Citation for "Inventions the Will Change the World" (Newsweek magazine, 2003); Co-nominee, 2005 World Technology Award for Social Entrepreneurship

Mario Paniccia
Director, Photonics Technology Lab, Intel Corporation; Two-time winner, Intel Achievement Award (1998, 2005); Top 10 Emerging Technologies (Technology Review, 2005); Nominee, 2005 World Technology Award for IT-Hardware; Director, corporate Nominee, 2005 World Technology Award for Communications Technology

Tom M. Djokovich
President and Chief Executive Officer, XsunX; Founder and former CEO, Accesspoint Corporation; Founder, TMD Construction and Development; Leads corporate nominee, 2005 World Technology Award for Energy.

Dr. Arun Madan
Chairman, Scientific Advisory Board, XsunX; Research Professor, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Colorado School of Mines; President/Founder of MVSystems Inc.; Founder, Glasstech Solar Inc.

Dr. Paolo Pirjanian
Chief Scientist and General Manager of the Robotics and Vision Group, Evolution Robotics; Former lead engineer, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL); Faculty Member (artificial intelligence), Computer Science, USC. IEEE and Automation "Early Career Award" winner as best, upcoming roboticist (2004); corporate nominee, 2005 World Technology Award for IT-Hardware.

Priyadarshini Karve
Appropriate Rural Technology Institute (ARTI); Nominee, 2005 World Technology Award for the Environment.

Randy Cortright
Co-Founder, Chief Technical Officer, Virent Energy Systems; co-nominee, 2005 World Technology Award for Energy.

David Pescovitz
Former forecasting columnist, Wired magazine; Winner, 2002 Foresight Prize in Communication; Co-Editor, BoingBoing.net; Special Projects Editor, MAKE:; Affiliate, Intitute for the Future; Writer-in-Residence, UC Berkeley's College of Engineering and the Berkeley Sciences.

Doug Randall
Senior Practitioner/Co-Leader, Consulting Practice, Global Business Network; co-author (with Peter Schwartz) of Pentagon climate change report, "Imagining the Unthinkable", and Wired cover story "How Hydrogen Fuel Can Save America;" Former Senior Research Fellow, Wharton School; Former Partner, Palo Alto Ventures.

Bob Johansen
Senior Vice President and Distinguished Fellow, Institute for the Future (IFTF); Former President/CEO, IFTF; co-author, "Upsizing the Individual in the Downsized Organization" and co-author "GlobalWork."

M. Gail Fitzpatrick
Managing Director, Ritchie Technology and Life Sciences Finance, Ritchie Capital Finance L.L.C., specializing in originating and structuring customized debt solutions for technology companies from initial venture round through to exit; Extensive previous business development/management experience within wholesale lending/leasing platforms of GE Commercial Finance, Heller Financial, Inc., LINC Capital, Inc., Sanwa Business Credit Corporation and Continental Illinois National Bank, deploying $2Billion in secured debt during her 26 year secured lending career.

Graham Hawkes
Ocean Engineer & Inventor, Founder, Hawkes Ocean Technologies deep sea submersibles; Founder, Precision Remotes land-based remotes (Best Inventions of 2004, TIME magazine); Co-founder (with Dr. Sylvia Earle), Deep Ocean Engineering remotely operated vehicles; Founder, Deep Sea Discoveries marine archeology; Associate Laureate for Rolex Awards for Innovation (1987); Finalist, Discover Awards for Innovation (1998); Corporate nominee, 2005 World Technology Award for the Environment.

Jennie Mather
CEO, Raven Biotechnologies; Finalist, 2003 World Technology Award for Biotechnology; Former Senior Scientist/Staff Scientist, Genentech

Dimitri Kanevsky
IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center; "Master Inventor" status, IBM; Finalist, 2005 World Technology Award for IT-Software; Top Five Most Influential Patents of 2003 (MIT Technology Review).

Amory B. Lovins
Co-Founder & CEO, Rocky Mountain Institute; Winner, 2000 World Technology Award for Environment; other awards include MacArthur Fellowship, the Heinz, Lindbergh, Right Livelihood, and TIME magazine "Hero for the Planet" awards; one of 39 people worldwide "most likely to change the course of business" (Wall Street Journal); "one of the Western world's most influential energy thinkers" (Newsweek)

Dr. Kernaghan Webb
Chief of Research and Senior Legal Advisor, Canadian Office of Consumer Affairs: Nominee, 2005 World Technology Award for Ethics

W. Lewis Johnson
Senior Project Leader, Center for Advance Research in Technology for Education, Information Sciences Institute, University of Southern California; Associate Editor, Automated Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems; Former President, Artificial Intelligence in Education Society

Lisa Voldeng
Founder, sugar lab; Founder, Uberbabe Media; "Top 25 Women in Technology" (ZDnet); "Women to Know in New Media" (Online Journalism Review)

Craig Forman
Vice President & General Manager, Yahoo! Inc.; Producer PBS series "Great Entrepreneurs" and "Great Leaders"; former VP, CNN Financial News; former VP-Worldwide Development, Time Inc. New Media, former Tokyo Bureau Chief, Wall Street Journal; nominee, 2005 World Technology Award for Media & Journalism

Gerhard Fasol
CEO, Eurotechnology Japan; former Laboratory Manager/Chief Scientist, Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory (Cambridge, England); long-time member of the Advisory Board to the Chairman of JETRO (Japan's External Trade Organization)