Bert Keely

Bert Keely 's personal mission has long been to 'make electronic information as handy as paper', and this has become central to Bill Gates' vision for the next generation of the PC. As Microsoft's Architect of eBooks and TabletPCs, Bert has seeded several innovations including ClearType font rendering, the Open eBook publication standard, and the first rights management system to actually promote purchase habits, by making copies personal and authentic. For the past two years Bert has focused on creating the inking and natural text input experiences with which tablet PCs can become mainstream. These are due to ship this year in Microsoft 's Windows XP, Tablet PC Edition. A Stanford Product Designer by training, Bert helped design the first handheld PC with a built-in spread spectrum wireless LAN in the late 80s at Agilis Corporation. Then as an engineering director at Silicon Graphics, he developed paper-like displays by digitally interfacing TFT technology to graphics workstations. He began focusing on software when he joined Microsoft Research in 1998, and now holds dozens of patents and patents applied for in both hardware and software. For his work on eBooks, Bert was named a finalist for the prestigious World Technology Award in 1999. Bert lives with his family in Portola Valley CA , and performs regularly on lead guitar with his dear Flying Other Brothers (three CDs are available atÊ, and for details including upcoming concert dates please visit thewww.flyingotherbros.comÊsite he designed and maintains). Bert has an Engineering degree from Stanford University.


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