Gary Shapiro

Gary Shapiro is president of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), the national trade association representing over 500 companies within U.S. consumer electronics industry. Mr. Shapiro has been an active leader in the development and launch of HDTV. He co-founded and served as vice chairman of the HDTV Model Station and has served on the Board and Executive Committee of the Advanced Television Test Center (ATTC) Mr. Shapiro is well known in the exposition and meetings world for CEA's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and for his leadership on industry issues. He serves on the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) Foundation Board of Trustees and CEIR Executive Committee and Board of Directors and its immediate past chair of both. He chaired the Board of Trustees of the International Association for Exposition Management (IAEM) Foundation and IAEM's Industry and Government Affairs Committee. Mr. Shapiro has led the manufacturers' battle to preserve the legality of recording equipment and the consumer battle to protect video rental rights and the right to record. As Chairman of the Home Recording Rights Coalition, Mr. Shapiro has helped ensure the growth of the video rental market, VCRs, home computers and audio recording equipment, including MP3 technology.Shapiro has been a member of the World Technology Network since 2000.


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