Nicholas Moore Eisenberger - Strategy Advisor to Management Team, Global Thermostat

Nicholas Moore Eisenberger is one of the leading pioneers of the clean economy. As a successful cleantech entrepreneur, investor, business strategist, and highly regarded speaker and author, Nicholas has worked for over two decades to harness market forces to advance sustainability and demonstrate how it can serve as a powerful catalyst for innovation and profitable growth.

From 2005 to 2009, Nicholas led GreenOrder - a sustainability strategy firm - as Managing Principal, establishing it as one of the most influential firms in the industry, recognized for its groundbreaking work with some of the world's largest companies such as GM, BP, DuPont, HP, NBC, JPMorgan Chase, and GE, whose award-winning, multi-billion dollar ecomagination initiative Nicholas and the GreenOrder team have guided since 2005. Called one of the ""Go to guys"" in sustainability consulting by Fortune, Nicholas sold GreenOrder in 2008 and now serves as a Senior Strategist at the firm, where he continues to work with the GE senior team on ecomagination strategy and development. Nicholas is also co-founder and Managing Member of GO Ventures, which creates and invests in cleantech businesses.

Previously, Mr. Eisenberger has founded or co-founded several enterprises that have pioneered change in their respective fields, including an environmental law and policy institute in Budapest, Hungary in the immediate post-Cold War era, in San Francisco, California during the early days of the Internet boom, and Ecos Technologies, the first environmental performance management enterprise software provider, that he ran for five years as CEO. Nicholas is an honors graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School and a recipient of a Certificate in Environmental Law from the University of California at Boalt Hall.

Strategy Advisor to Management Team, Global Thermostat

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