Richard M. Taylor - Executive Director, International Hydropower Association

Since graduating in Earth Science (Water Resources) in 1985, Richard Taylor has been involved in water and energy projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America. He has written and edited numerous technical papers and periodicals, and is an appointed Fellow of the British Energy Institute (FIE). In 1995, in collaboration with the International Hydrological Programme of UNESCO, Mr Taylor became a founding Board Member of the International Hydropower Association (IHA), and since 2001 he has been appointed as the AssociationÕs Executive Director. He has been, or is currently, engaged in several United Nations initiatives on water (WWDR and UNEP), energy (UNIDO and UNDESA) and climate change (UNESCO and IPCC). Mr Taylor has served as an advisor to the World Bank, the International Energy Agency, the World Energy Council, the World Water Council and is IHA's representative to the International Renewable Energy Alliance.

Executive Director, International Hydropower Association

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