Scott Sacknoff

Scott Sacknoff if President of the International Space Business Council (ISBC). The ISBC, formed in January 1999, was established to meet the needs of the evolving and expanding global space industry. Discussions with executives from all sectors of the industry indicated that a group focused on the business aspects of space was a critical necessity. From its unique position of international neutrality, the overall mission of the ISBC is to develop resources and activities to support the industry of today while working near-term business development activities while encouraging the future growth of the industry for tomorrow. Activities will usually fit into five major objectives: Developing a central point for industry information; tracking and monitoring the industry; promoting the space industry to the broader business community to attract new users, and investors; and, encouraging and supporting entrepreneurs. Scott is also President of Space Publications, which develops resources which help provide a focal point for information on business activities in the Space Industry. They publish the annual State of the Space Industry and the United States Space Directory. Scott has been a member of the World Technology Network since 1999.Sacknoff has been a member of the World Technology Network since 2000.


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