Steve Teig - Co-Founder, Tabula

Prior to co-founding Tabula, Steve Teig was CTO of Cadence Design Systems. Steve joined Cadence through its acquisition of Simplex Solutions (NSDQ: SPLX), where he was also CTO. At Simplex, Steve invented and led the technology development for the X Architecture, which radically improves chip design by pervasively incorporating diagonal wiring. Before joining Simplex, Steve co-founded two successful biotechnology companies: CombiChem (NSDQ: CCHM, later acquired by DuPont Pharmaceuticals), where he was CTO, and BioCAD, where he was CTO and, later, CEO. At CombiChem, Steve invented and led the development of the companyÕs revolutionary Discovery Engine technology, with which CombiChem discovered pharmaceutical-lead compounds for 11 different therapeutic areas in only five years. At BioCAD, Steve designed Catalyst, which is still the leading software used worldwide for pharmaceutical discovery. In the 1980s, Steve spent several years in the EDA industry, where his work had a major impact still felt today. First, at Trilogy Systems, he invented the now-universal technique of compiled-code logic simulation. Then, as CTO and co-founder of Tangent Systems (which later became CadenceÕs very first acquisition), he invented the principal place-and-route algorithms for the Tancell and Tangate products. These techniques form the core of CadenceÕs Gate Ensemble, Cell-3 Ensemble, and Silicon Ensemble systems and underlie most of todayÕs other physical design systems as well. Steve received a B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Princeton University. He holds over 200 patents. In 2002, he broke Thomas EdisonÕs record for the number of patents filed by an individual in a single year.

Co-Founder, Tabula

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