Vanda Scartezini

For over 20 years, Vanda Scartezini has worked as a manager and general manager in public and private companies, in telecommunication, microelectronics and electronics. In addition to her current responsibilities, borne since 1999, for information technology policy for the Brazilian government, and as Board President of Softex, that National Society for the Excellence of Brazilian Software, since 1985, she has also been an Associate of Polo Associated , a consulting firm in business management, technology transfer and investment opportunities for Brazilian and foreigner companies in telecommunications, high technology, data processing, electronic commerce, automotive, and consumer's goods. A co-founder and former two-term President of the Brazilian Microelectronics Industry Association, she has also worked as National Secretary of Industrial Technology at the Brazilian Commerce and Industry Ministry, and as Presidnet of the Brazilian Industrial Property and Patent Office. She has held other highly responsible position in a wide variety of technology-related fields in Brazil. Scartezini has been a member of the World Technology Network since 1999.


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