New CO2 Fuels

What is your corporation most trying to accomplish with its new innovation?

NCF’s technology is addressing the confluence of 3 global trends that pose significant challenges to future generations, namely increasing energy prices, diminishing petroleum oil reserves and the effects of the alarming increase in CO2 emissions.

The NCF technology provides a commercially attractive solution for an alternative source of gaseous and liquid fuels and valuable chemicals using CO2 as a feedstock and renewable high temperature heat as the energy source.

In just a few short years, the Company has accomplished a significant and very challenging task in defining a whole new and innovative technology from its theoretical origins and laboratory handmade elements, to a complete system design and a fabricated small scale proof of technology system that was successfully operated and tested.

What do you think sets your corporation’s work apart from the work of others in your field?

NewCO2Fuels (NCF) is developing an innovative, cost competitive, self-sufficient system to produce fuel from CO2 and renewable energy. The core technology is a high temperature driven, CO2 and water dissociation process which produces syngas (mixture of CO and H2), from which a large variety of fuels and chemicals can be produced using commercially available methods. The technology is based on research conducted by Prof. Jacob Karni’s team at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, from where it is exclusively licensed.

NCF is aware of other companies and universities that are working on CO2 reduction solutions as this is a critical global problem. The company realizes that many different solutions will be required to overcome the challenge. However, what sets the NCF technology apart from the other technologies and makes it unique, is the 40% overall conversion efficiency of the process, the highest in the market. This will enable competitive prices without any government incentives for end product fuels while recycling CO2 emissions into useful products.

What role has serendipity played in the turning points in your corporation’s mission?

Serendipity, as well as talent and motivation, is always required to make an idea materialize into a successful product. Some of the major challenges the company addressed involved setting up the right team to take the idea and develop it into a product that will not only perform efficiently but also be sufficiently cost effective and reliable to make it commercially viable. The team comprises of a variety of engineering and scientific professionals required for the development of this multidisciplinary product. These include mechanics, thermodynamics, chemistry, heat and mass transfer, physics materials and control. Luck is indeed helpful but often needs help; the skilled and experienced management team managed to orchestrate the newly recruited individuals into a top notch team with extremely efficient working and execution capabilities.

NCF was also fortunate in combining forces with excellent partners. From its initial investors in Australia, to American manufacturers and European strategic partners, NCF is lucky to have found partners that believe in the project and fully support the company each with their own means and capabilities.

Do you believe leaders and innovators have certain qualities that they all share? If so, what?

We, at NCF, believe that great leaders have the ability to look forward, understand not only today’s problems but also predict and act upon future challenges in order to steer, influence and motivate the current generation to do better, act more responsibly to ensure a bright, clean and smart world of tomorrow. We also believe that innovative leaders are those that recognize that tasks cannot be accomplished by their deeds alone but by nurturing teamwork in a creative environment.

How would your corporation most like to change the world through its work?

Just imagine a world where fuel is produced out of waste and where the carbon footprint of each individual is reduced in order to provide a clean and healthier environment for generations to come. A world where each country is able to produce its own fuel and gain energy independence and where energy prices are not influenced by external entities. A world we will be proud to give to our children for generations to come. NCF is proud to help create such a world and to invest in our future by providing a commercially viable clean alternative solution for the fuel and chemical industry.

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