What is your corporation most trying to accomplish with its new innovation?

Our main focus is patient experience. We understand that there is a demand for a better quality of sleep for the patient but also their partners, in the case of snoring. However, we also understand that currently available products are not well accepted by the patients. New alternatives appeared to us as too invasive or expensive. We set our goal to find a solution that will be affordable and welcomed by the patients.

What do you think sets your corporation’s work apart from the work of others in your field?

We started the company with a blank sheet. It was a demand-oriented process, not an invention looking for a market. As such, we set a goal of a having (as much as possible) a patient experience closer to a consumer product. That required us to question and challenge the technologies used to build our product. As a result, we took a completely different technological path and came up with a radically different product design. 

What or who inspired your corporation to come up with this innovation?

Daily used consumer products that are simple and enjoyable to use was our inspiration. We wanted to bring a medical device that treats a serious disease but with a feel of a simple consumer product. 

What role has serendipity played in the turning points in your corporation’s mission?

Actually, serendipity came later in various challenges we encountered during the development process. The concept was put in place through a strategic thinking process but the innovative steps came in the form of accidental discoveries during the many experiments we conducted in our labs.

What have been the greatest challenges that your corporation has encountered in developing your innovation?

The biggest challenge was to simplify things and having our partners apply the same simplification process. It is easy to design something that has all the features you can think of, but then you get to something big and expensive, for example. Stripping down to only the very necessary components and trying to use them in ways that would squeeze more out of them is actually more challenging.

Do you believe leaders and innovators have certain qualities that they all share? If so, what?

In our view, leaders and innovators are able to have a holistic vision of a goal, be it a product, an organization or something else, and then, apply project and people leadership to reach the target and make it a reality while constantly questioning themselves and their surrounding environment towards excellence.

How would your corporation most like to change the world through its work?

Sleep quality has worsened with the advent of new technologies and diseases associated with sleep have increased alongside modern-age trends such as obesity and diabetes. We believe our company would finally offer patients answers to all their needs for sleep diagnosis and therapy and viewed as an organization where they can finally voice their needs.

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