What is your corporation most trying to accomplish with its new innovation?

With our technology I feel we have something in hands that can truly touch the lives of a billion people. For some applications an antibacterial property is “nice to have” but for other applications it can really make a difference. For example we can prolong the shelf life of food, and we can reduce chances of infections applying the technology to implants. I feel this can have a huge impact and I feel very excited working with this technology.

What do you think sets your corporation’s work apart from the work of others in your field?

Our technology to kill bacteria is derived from biomimetics while others use chemicals, heavy metals, Nano-materials or other hazardous substances. We managed to copy something from nature that acts against bacteria that cannot lead to antibiotic resistance. Roughly all available antimicrobial technologies today make use of toxins and they have substances leaching out of the material to kill the bacteria. In our technology we don’t use harmful substances and we have nothing leaching out of the material. The fact that we found a way to make an efficient antibacterial effect without leaching substances is the true unique element of our technology.

What or who inspired your corporation to come up with this innovation?

The vision to be able to replace chemicals and heavy metals by a biological solutions and eliminate the hazardous effects that present solutions show inspired us to develop this technology. And by us I mean my partner Michele Fiori an expert in bridging the gap between science and solutions, Prof. Noberto Roveri and his team of microbiological scientists, passionate about Nano- and biotechnologies and myself, Michael van der Jagt, a self-starter entrepreneur experienced in bringing innovative solutions to the international market.

What role has serendipity played in the turning points in your corporation’s mission?

Michele Fiori and I had a close cooperation in an earlier venture for about nine years and at some point in time our paths went separate ways. A while later we had an open conversation with each other and we expressed the fact that we missed the cooperation and we missed the talks we use to have. We both felt that it would be nice if we could have such close cooperation again in the future. Some more time passed and an idea or vision arose with the involvement of Prof. Roveri and we jointly started to develop this new solution.

What have been the greatest challenges that your corporation has encountered in developing your innovation?

Michele and I have the same ethos; we feel work should be fun. I personally had an employment in a company once that did not suit me at all. It was not a very inspiring environment and the colleagues were cast in a different mold. The days felt long, I was smiling lesser, I was not much fun to be around, I was grumpy and not very productive. I realized that having fun and being inspired are the best motivators.

Do you believe leaders and innovators have certain qualities that they all share? If so, what?

This must be curiosity. Would there be innovation without it?

How would your corporation most like to change the world through its work?

As I mentioned earlier I feel we have a technology in hands that can touch the lives of a billion people and that idea fascinates and excites me. If it can mean we make even the littlest improvement to these lives that would be very humbling.

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