Paul Goldstein

What are you most trying to accomplish in your work? 

To answer briefly, the main goal of my work is to develop strategies for the domains of technological innovation and cultural creativity that will ensure that each domain suffers as little as possible, if at all, at the points where they intersect. Many scholars and lawyers argue that a robust copyright system will effectively doom the introduction of new and better technologies for disseminating copyrighted works. Others argue that new and better Internet technologies for disseminating cultural works will doom the creation of these works by enabling and encouraging their uncompensated use.

My work rejects both arguments and posits instead that Internet technologies can be designed and deployed that will enable frictionless market transactions between the creators and users of literature, music, film and other entertainment, thus ensuring compensation to creators without reducing incentives to innovators. My current project is the design of a cloud-based system for licensing the use of copyrighted photographic images without the intervention of stock agencies or other intermediary institutions between photographer and user. At least initially, the system will aim to capture revenues from the long tail of image use.

As a practicing novelist, as well as a practicing lawyer with clients on both sides of the perceived creator-innovator divide, it is my clients and friends in the entertainment and technology industries who have inspired my work.

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