Walter Isaacson

What are you most trying to accomplish in your work? 

I want to show the creativity of the women and men who created the digital age: what made them innovative, and how important was teamwork and collaboration?

What do you think sets your work apart from the work of others in your field?

There have been great research books on digital innovation, but there has not get been a full narrative history of the great advances in the Internet and computer over the past 70 years.

What or who inspired you to get into your field? Do you have any individuals or groups of people that you credit with helping you achieve the goals you set out to accomplish?

For thirty years, I was involved in creating new digital tools, and I wanted to understand the history.

What role has serendipity played in the turning points in your career? 

The people who developed computers and the Internet were very eager to have the story told, and they both inspired and helped me.

What have been the greatest challenges that you have encountered in your career?

As a journalist and writer, I've tried to be guided by new interests and serendipity.

Do you believe leaders and innovators have certain qualities that they all share? If so, what?

I think they are all imaginative and creative and, as Steve Jobs said, think different.

How would you most like to change the world through your work?

I would like to inspire more people to go into technology and appreciate the creativity and beauty of math, engineering, and science.

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