The WTN WEBINAR SERIES: Innovators Sharing Their Genius

ANNOUNCING our new knowledge initiative:  

The WTN Webinar Series

Learn directly from the minds of our peer-elected Fellows — the winners and finalists from our annual World Technology Awards in one of our 20 categories.  

We will be conducting on screen interviews with a broad array of our Fellows (and other award nominees), starting with a selection from the incredible 2017 Awards roster.  Cutting-edge technologists, forward-thinking financiers, conceptual futurists, grounded entrepreneurs, insightful science writers, savvy marketers, and many more will discuss the most impactful technological trends and the related future threats and opportunities. 

Viewers will be able to watch live interviews (and recorded versions for access any time later) with our speakers and ask them any questions during the live stream. 

More details coming soon.

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